City of Lakes Boxing Club Coaches

Gary Johnson

Head Coach

Gary is an award winning boxing coach that has been with the City of Lakes Boxing Club since 1982 and became the head coach in 1988.

He has worked with several assistant coaches over the years and trained countless provincial champions, over a dozen national champions, as well as fighters that participated in the commonwealth games and olympics.

He has trained Kirk Johnson and Custio Clayton, who both went on to successful pro careers.

Floyd Donovan

Assistant Coach

Floyd has been assistant coach at City of Lakes boxing club for 17 years and has helped create athletes, consecutive national champions, as well as boxers that participated in the world’s boxing championships, Olympics and commonwealth games. Floyd also has a background in martial arts and hockey.

Gerard Birrette

Assistant Coach

Gerard has been coaching at the City of Lakes Boxing Club for 24 years and has coached various fighters including Custio Clayton and Artie Cousins. He has a background in coaching kickboxing as well as hockey, and has also had over a hundred amateur fights that were, however, unregistered.

Gregg keating


Accomplished business man and native of Dartmouth NS, Gregg started boxing at the age of 13 at the City of Lakes Boxing Club.

“My mission in life is promoting athletics and promoting young men and women in the sport of boxing which has given me so much.”

Donnie Malcolm

Vice President

The longest standing member of City of Lakes Boxing Club, Donnie joined in 1979 and has been a key supporter of the club. Donnie is also a personal trainer, knowledgeable coach and athletics enthusiast.


Gloria McCluskey

Honorary Director

Honorary director of KEATINGS fite club. A Dartmouth mayor for many years, we welcome Mrs McCluskey to her position as an honorary director. She has been a community activist and a great friend to our community, not to say, our best mayor.


Mike Supple Jr.

Assistant Coach

Mike goes by Mike Jr. as his father, Mike Supple, was a boxing coach from Dartmouth . Mike Jr. started boxing at the age of ten, winning provincial titles until the age of 16 and winning 13 to 16 bouts under his fathers watchful eye. He turned professional at the age of 16 fighting local at the Halifax forum and Metro Centre winning 3 – 5 fights in the light heavyweight division.

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Monetary donations are used to maintain our club's operations and support our members, including youth, giving them a safe place to go during out-of-school hours.

Receipts will be provided. Thank you for your contributions!

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